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Upcoming Meetings

We have migrated our meeting from in-person meetings to remote meetings using Zoom. By using Zoom, our entire nation-wide membership has access to our meetings. For the upcoming months, our Zoom meetings will be:

Our August meeting will be a presentation by Frank Morgan about Tyrone Power.

Our September meeting will feature Bill Owen (coauthor of "The Big Broadcast") who will be interviewed by Frank Morgan and Walden Hughes.

Our October meeting will feature Jeff Whipple

Our November meeting will feature Lawrence Kendrack discussing the 80th Anniversary of the disappearance of Glenn Miller.

Our December will be our winter luncheon, details to follow.

Our January meeting will be a presentation by Dr. Lona Bailey on her book about Kathy Lewis.

During the week prior to each meeting, club members will receive an email with the Zoom program information. If you are NOT receiving these emails, please check your email program to make sure that the messages are not being flagged as "Spam". If you do not see any spam messages, email "membership@mwotrc.com" so that we can verify that your email is recorded properly.

If you wish to enjoy previous MWOTRC meetings, be sure to subscribe to the MWOTRC YouTube channel:
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Stay healthy, and hopefully we'll see each other again soon!
Wendy Wilmer
President, MWOTRC.

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