Videos of our Meetings

Our resident videographer Fred Berney has provided videos for a number of MWOTRC meetings. Please check this page for more updates. We will add more videos here as they becomes available.

Our April 2021 Zoom meeting featured Jack French with the First Fifteen about the career of Irene Delroy, Frank Morgan presented the history of Police Procedurals on radio, and Sally Stephens presented the quiz.

Our March 2021 Zoom meeting featured Martin Grams, Jr. with the First Fifteen about a rare Paul Sutton audition for The Lone Ranger, John Abbott presented "Bob Bailey - From Start to Finish", and Sally Stephens presented the quiz.

Our February 2021 zoom meeting featured a presentation by Jack French on "Radio Quiz Shows" and the OTR Quiz

Our September 11 program was held via Zoom. Jack Fench did a "First Fifteen" on Jack Webb's program "One out of Seven". Our featured speaker was James O'Brien who worked as a journalist for the USAF, CBS and other organizations

Our August 10 meeting was, once again, a Zoom meeting featuring a presentation by Frank Morgan titled "Fibber McGee and Molly - The Voices of Wistful Vista"

Our July 10 meting was, once again, a Zoom meeting featuring a presentation by Michael Hayde which featured a run-down of Jack Benny's longest laughs:

Once again, we all assembled on Zoom for our June 12, 2020 meeting featuring a presentation by Martin Grams about The Green Hornet:

For our May 8, 2020 meeting, we all assembled on Zoom. Fred Berney recorded the meeting which features Jack French discussing TV programs that appeared on the radio.

Our January 2020 meeting featured the debut of an original play written by club member John Abbott. The play, "The Perfect Crime" will teach you how to commit a perfect crime - and the results are guaranteed!

Our May 2018 meeting featured Jack French and a recreation of the Phil Harris Alice Faye Show by club members:

Our speaker for the January 2018 meeting was Marvin Kalb, noted radio reporter, scholar and one of "Murrow's Boys":

Here is a video or our September 2017 meeting held at MANC - the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. In addition to a quiz conducted by Jack French, we presented a recreation of Arch Obler's "Chicken Heart"

Here is a video of our October, 2017 meeting with guests Jill Bailey, Martin Grams and Karl Shadow:

Here is a video of our September 17, 2016 program at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention: