Videos of our Meetings

Our resident videographer Fred Berney has provided videos for a number of MWOTRC meetings. Please check this page for more updates. We will add more videos here as they becomes available.

Our May 2018 meeting featured Jack French and a recreation of the Phil Harris Alice Faye Show by club members:

Our speaker for the January 2018 meeting was Marvin Kalb, noted radio reporter, scholar and one of "Murrow's Boys":

Here is a video or our September 2017 meeting held at MANC - the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. In addition to a quiz conducted by Jack French, we presented a recreation of Arch Obler's "Chicken Heart"

Here is a video of our October, 2017 meeting with guests Jill Bailey, Martin Grams and Karl Shadow:

Here is a video of our September 17, 2016 program at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention: