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The MWOTRC presents, promotes and performs classic radio drama, comedy and public affairs through speakers and dramatizations.


We meet monthly. For dates, locations and times. Click here for details and a map.

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Radio Recall

Radio Recall is our journal, available via email (PDF) or regular mail. Read sample articles here.

Upcoming Meetings

For our October program - Jane Arden. The Big Broadcast co-producer Jill Ahrold Bailey, her aunt, and author Karl Schadow will discuss the soap opera for which Jill's grandmother wrote and produced a 1940s syndicated series. The role of George Webber, who packaged the series, also will be presented.

For our November program - Sandra Presents Sheldon. Club member Sandra Pitts-Malone will discuss the long career of Sheldon Leonard, described by Thomas Delong in Radio Stars as having a "Runyonesque comic flair." Delong also identifies Leonard as the actor who threatens Jack Benny with the classic dilemma, "Your money or your life!" Separately, club members who are veterans will be recognized.

On December 8 (Saturday) - We will have our Annual holiday party beginning at 12:30 p.m. at the Jukebox Diner, 7039 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003.

Audio Cassettes for Sale!

From our Librarian:
"At the August meeting the club members present voted to disband the club's cassette library due to rental inactivity over the past few years. In an effort to keep as much as we can from hitting the landfill I would like to offer the members the opportunity to take entire series of their choosing on a first come first served basis. For the price of shipping I will mail you all the episodes we have of your favorite program. Please contact me at audio@mwotrc.com."

Club Members Interviewed on Yesterday USA!

Recently two former officers of MWOTRC and our webmaster were interviewed by Walden Hughes and Larry Gassman on the internet program Yesterday U.S.A. (http://www.yesterdayusa.com/index.html).

Michael Hayde, Jack French and John Abbott discussed their years of OTR affiliations, their OTR books, and a host of other related matters. To listen to the interviews, click on INTERVIEWS (this will open in a new page/tab) and then click on the play button for the interview you want to listen to.

MWOTRC Member Perform at MANC

It was stormy weather elsewhere, but in Hunt Valley, MD MWOTRC members particapated in the MANC conference. Below are pictures of the Breakfast Table parody, the Quiz, and Jack French's Candy Matson episode "The Japanese Sandman":

MWOTRC Slide show