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The MWOTRC presents, promotes and performs classic radio drama, comedy and public affairs through speakers and dramatizations.


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The Joy Boys!

The Joy Boys, a staple on Washington radio in the 1950's and 60's are now available on the MWOTRC website!


The MWOTRC will follow all local and federal government directives regarding public gatherings and will announce meeting cancellations in as timely a manner as possible. Please check back frequently for status updates.

Upcoming Meetings

As you all know, given the continuing presence of the Covid-19 virus, we cannot gather for in-person meetings. However, we CAN assemble for remote meetings using Zoom. We have had several successfull and informative meetings in the past few months, and we will continure to use Zoom for the forseeable future. For the upcoming months, our Zoom meetings will be:

Our June program:

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2022.

That's when the MWOTRC will have its first in-person meeting in more than two years!

Kilroys (Noon until...)
5250 A Port Royal Road
Annandale/Springfield, VA 22151

We will have a private room for the afternoon. The menu has a variety of items that sound good, look good, and will not offend our wallets.

Our July our speaker will be Stone Wallace. His topic: Tough Guys - Bogart, Cagney, Garfield, Robinson, Raft.

Our August program will be a presentation by Dr. Joe Webb. His topic is "The Big Story".

Our September speaker will be Dr. Annette Bochanek. Her topic will be "Ladies of Laughter: Great Comediennes".

Our October speaker will be Samantha Glasser. Her topic will be "Dick Powell".

Our November program will be club member John Abbott who will present "The 1950 Census and Johnny Dollar".

Our December program's speaker will be Martin Grams, Jr. His topic is "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon".

During the week prior to each meeting, club members will receive an email with the Zoom program information. If you are NOT receiving these emails, please check your email program to make sure that the messages are not being flagged as "Spam". If you do not see any spam messages, email "membership@mwotrc.com" so that we can verify that your email is recorded properly.

If you wish to enjoy previous MWOTRC meetings, be sure to subscribe to the MWOTRC YouTube channel:
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You can also follow us on our Facebook page.

Stay healthy, and hopefully we'll see each other again soon!
Wendy Wilmer
President, MWOTRC.

The Joy Boys are on our website!

Bob Bybee has advised allowed us to host his collection of The Joy Boys, featuring Willard Scoff and Ed Walker, on our webiste at:
The Joy Boys

On Stage!

The YouTube link to Miranda's Miracle.

The link above is to the YouTube video for the August 21, 2021 Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club (MWOTRC) premiere of an original play entitled "Miranda's Miracle", which was presented at the 2021 Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland. "Miranda's Miracle" was written and directed by Edgar Farr Russell III. Frazier Neely Southey Russell was the Dramaturge. This performance was dedicated to the Memory of Ellen Berney and of Captain and Mrs. Edgar F. Russell, Jr., USNR (Ret).

The performance starred in order of appearance: Edgar Russell, Richard Wilmer, Wendy Wilmer, Steve Lewis, Frank Morgan, Lauren Carpenter, Donna Ring, Rob Farr, Cynthia McDowell, Marcia Bauman, John Medrano, and Denis Roma.

The performance also featured sound effects produced by Marsha and Mark Bush as well as an original musical score composed and performed by Heff Munson. The sound effects and music were sequenced by Tom Saputo for use by Mary and Don Ramlow who engineered the show.

My appreciation goes to our MWOTRC President, Wendy Wilmer, who supported my efforts to have it presented live as well as to our very talented cast and crew! Their names are announced at the end of the play. Convention Organizer, Martin Grams, Jr., ensured that we retained our Club Meeting time slot of Saturday afternoon at 12:30 pm.

Three separate videos of the performance were shot that day by Karl Schadow, Connie Goldie, and Martin Grams, Jr. The final synchronized audio/video from the three original sources was created by Heff Munson. Heff deserves huge thanks from our viewers for reducing the loud distracting noise in the ballroom, for re-inserting the original sound effects and musical cues into the audio for maximum clarity, and for balancing the volume of the performances. Tom Saputo uploaded the completed production to YouTube.

Please feel free to share the above link/information with your friends, family, and other radio/theater enthusiasts!