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In December 2009 we held one of two annual luncheon meetings. (See our meeting schedule for details.) We met at Neighbor's Restaurant, had a gift exchange, and continued to celebrate the Club's 25th anniversary.

Click any of these pictures to see a larger image.

MWOTRC and friends meet
at Neighbor's restuarant.

(Photos provided by
Melanie Aultman.)

Derek Tague, with
Jack (Santa) French.

The gift exchange table.

Mark Bush, one of
the "Wise Men."

Sandra Pitts-Malone with
one of the cakes.

Michael Hayde.

Alice Daniel and
Maury Cagle.

Rebecca Jones, Meri Cole,
Mary and Jeff Whipple.

A toast from John and
Mary Mantucchio.

Derek Tague, Melanie Aultman,
and Edgar Russell.

The cake to our next
25 years!

Chuck Langdon and
Mark Bush.

Old newsletters -
free to a good home.

Jack French with scrapbook
(see photo to the right)

Scrapbook, soon to be
donated to the Library of
American Broadcasting.

More of the scrapbook.