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Back Issues

Back issues of Radio Recall from 2001-2006 are available on CD now. Each issue is complete and is stored in PDF format. Contact our Editor for ordering details.

These indexes cover the articles in RADIO RECALL and letters in Voice of the Listener, from 1997 through 2002:


Index to Voice of the Listener


Beginning in 2017, Radio Recall will be available as a PDF on a 4 month delayed basis.

February 2018
Articles in this issue include:

  • How NBC Attempted to Kill Jack Benny's Radio Career
  • A Doris Day Mystery
  • Bob Burchett" A Guiding Light in the Hobby
  • Frank Buston: Radio Legend, Dead at 87
  • R.I.P Dick Orkin, Alias "Chicken Man"

Open the February 2018 Radio Recall

December 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • The Calico Dragon and the Cinnamon Bear
  • The Day Frank Sinatra was a Christmas Ghost
  • Dave Saunders, A.K.A. Red Ryder
  • Lionel Barrymore's Christmas Carols

Open the December 2017 Radio Recall

October 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • The Mysteries of Robert Arthur
  • R.I.P. June Foray
  • Psychological Terrors: Revisiting Dark Venture
  • Recent "Disc"coveries

Open the October 2017 Radio Recall

August 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • The Day Lou Costello Cried on Radio
  • Old-Time Radio in the Comics
  • Recent "Disc"coveries
  • The Small House Halfway up the Next Block
  • Plot Summaries for "Lost" Lone Ranger Broadcasts

Open the August 2017 Radio Recall

June 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • Howdy Doodie on Radio
  • Old-Time Radio in the Comics
  • A "LOST" Night Beat Radio Episode Discovered

Open the June 2017 Radio Recall

April 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • The End of an Era - Imagination Theater
  • MWOTRC Turns Their Talens Towards Baseball
  • Evolution of Sound Effects
  • Joe Palooka's Adventures in Radioland - Part 2
  • New Musical in Vienna, Va Destined for Wide Acclaim
  • Farewell from an Editor

Open the April 2017 Radio Recall

February 2017
Articles in this issue include:

  • Joe Palooka's Adventures in Radioland, Part 1
  • Jack Armstrong's "Tru-Flite" Airplanes
  • Death Valley Then and Now
  • Reactions to Radio Interruptions on Pearl Harbor day

Open the February 2017 Radio Recall

The articles below are reprinted from our bimonthly journal, RADIO RECALL. Each edition contains about 12 pages, with more than twice the number of articles seen here. Join us and receive every issue!

December 2016
Norman Macdonnell's "Stock Company" on Gunsmoke
Adventures in Old Time Radio
Life in the Past Lane, Volume 3
Some Things Never Change
Why Radio Recall Doesn't Reprint From Major Dailies
The Goon Show - The Beeb's Best Kept Secret

October 2016
Black Moon Mysteries: Baltimore, Beer, and Baffling the Best
Missing "Scarlet Queen" Treasures Part II
Eddie Green: The Rise of an Early 1900s Black Entertainment Pioneer
Red Channels: The Bible of Blacklisting
Virginia Payne and "Ma Perkins" Praised in Recent SAG/AFTRA Magazine

August 2016
Missing "Scarlet Queen" Treasures Part I of II
Hoarding and the Diogenes Syndrome
Speed and Dan'l Boone's Cousin - The Real Deals
Word Warrior: Richard Durham, Radio and Freedom
Walter Tetley: For Corn's Sake
Janet Waldo Dies at Age 96: Was ''Corliss Archer'' On Radio

June 2016
The Radio Preservation Task Force: A Review
Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention Delights All in its April Debut
Paying (the voice of) Johnny Dollar
The Network - The Battle of the Airwaves and the Birth of the Communications Era

April 2016
The Incomparable Hildegarde
Nero Wolfe Adventures on Radio and TV
Fun for All and All for Fun: The NIT WIT Hour

February 2016
Conquerors of the Sky: How Bill Robson Entered Radio
BULLDOG DRUMMOND - A Gentleman with a Bite!
GITTUM UP SCOUT - Searching for the Origin of Silver's Running Mate

December 2015
Ed Walker, a Friend to Young Broadcasters
Johnny Dollar "The UnAired Matter"

October 2015
A RADIO EVENING IN 1949: MWOTRC Performs at the Library of Congress
Tallulah Bankhead and the Big Show
Investigating A "Little" OTR Mystery
Ann of the Airlanes

August 2015
"Rumble, Rumble, Rumble. Mutiny, Mutiny, Mutiny" - Stan Freberg (1926 - 2015)

June 2015
As Schieffer Goes, The CBS Durable Heritage Is In Doubt
Rocky Goes East
Rationing and The Radio - How Radio Helped Win the War

April 2015
America Invaded Australia .... On Radio Waves!
Does Anybody Under 25 Know Who Jack Benny Was?
Main Street Sketches...The Dawning of Early Dramatic Radio

February 2015
Circus Time on the Air
THE HOUSE OF HORROR ... A Chiller for DC Summer Heat
The Actress Who Became Ma Perkins
A Whimsical Look at the Many Aliases of Jeff Regan

December 2014
Big Band Broadcasts You Never Heard
Christmas in Death Valley
Thanks for the Memories, Ed!

October 2014
Mel Vickland: The Second Half
Gunsmoke 's Unknown Writer

August 2014
Kathleen Hite: Radio Writer Pioneer
There is Only One Ethel Arbuckle
Detailing the First Husband of Candy Matson
Pearl Harbor and the CBS News Program: THE WORLD TODAY

June 2014
Radio's Musical Darlings: Patience and Prudence
Grace Gibson - the Cowgirl of the Outback
Two Book Reviews on Orson Welles

April 2014
Johnny Dollar Meets Reality - or - "Iron Mike" meets "Indestructable Mike"
Radio's Exotic Personality
The Strange Dr. Weird

February 2014
Monitor Music Now - Playing Them Again Re-kindles Melodies of the Past
Boston Blackie - Then on Radio…Now on the Internet
A Word from our Sponsor: AD Men, Advertising and the Golden Age oF Radio
Radio Rides the Range: A Reference Guide to Western Drama on the Air, 1929-1967
Welcome Foolish Mortals - The Life and Voices of Paul Frees (Revised Edition)

December 2013
The Cinnamon Bear
The Museum of Broadcast Communications (A Second Look)
Trove of A Date With Judy Found
Book Review: Radio After The Golden Age
Book Review: The Gunsmoke Chronicles
Book Review: Radio Journalism In America

October 2013
Early Air Adventures of Tailspin Tommy
Book Review: Dropping Names
Book Review: Sold on Radio, 3rd Ed.
Clair Schulz Responds to Jeff Whipple's Book Review
Native Americans on the Radio

August 2013
What's In a Name?
Book Review: Fibber McGee and Molly
Santos Ortega
Auditions for Johnny Dollar
Gildy Not the First Spinoff

June 2013
Radio Journalism in America
Tuning the Great Gildersleeve
Debunking the Myths about Jeff Regan
Don't Wait for Movie
I Love A Mystery
Public Cowboy No. 1

April 2013
Caught With Your Hooper Down
Invasion Panic This Week
The Lone Ranger Will Ride Again

February 2013
Where There's A Quill
The Best D**N Writers of Radio:Gil Doud and William Tallman
Radio Aspects of Lindbergh Kidnapping
Videostreaming OTR

December 2012
That's the Spirit - Part Two
New Jersey OTR
Standing in the Spirit at Your Elbow
Radio Pro - The Making of an On-Air Personality

October 2012
That's the Spirit
The Spirit's Mysterious Discs at Ohio State

August 2012
A Day at the Museum
The Titanic and David Sarnoff
The Band That Made Radio Famous: The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks
Pursuit...When Man Hunts Man Part Two

June 2012
First Radio Listings
Ham on Wry
OTR Adventures in Arizona
A Christmas Story

April 2012
Five Dollars and Change
Ask the Expert
Gunsmoke, the Musical
The Old-Time Radio of Harry Langdon
Patricia Ryan, Life Imitates Fiction

February 2012
The Personal Storm of Connee Boswell
John Dehner, The Reluctant Westerner
Howie Wing, Seven Years Later

December 2011
Favorite Christmas Radio Programs
Cruise with the Cinnamon Bear
Signs of Life at FOTR 36
Book Reviews
Francis Who? Paul What?

October 2011
Calling Johnny Dollar
Escape, Part 2
The Mystery of Greta Garbo
What's in a Name? Serialdom Localities

August 2011
We Offer You... Escape!
The Shadow: History and Mystery
The Whistler: Stepping into the Shadows
The Radio Lives of Harold Teen

June 2011
The DeMarco Sisters
Dark Fantasy, Part 3
The Jack Johnstone Matter
You’ll Not Get Far with Stella Dallas on Your Tail

April 2011
Norman Brokenshire
Dark Fantasy, Part 2
Radio's "Land of the Lost"
Joe Palooka
Quiz Kids: Quite Legit
Short Takes

February 2011
Shedding Light On... Dark Fantasy
A Tribute to Fred Foy
The Radio Career of Gomer Cool
Mike Fright Strikes the Hollywood Elite
That LOC Study: A Second Opinion

December 2010
Many Calls Scrooge Made That Night
Looking for Radio in Europe
Book Review: Radio's Morning Show Personalities
Fading Files or Faulty Facts
Obituaries: Tippy Stringer, Thomas DeLong

October 2010
The Binary Breakfast Babblers of Radio
"Private Eyelashes" Reviewed on German Web Site
Finding Those State OTR Books
Recent OTR Donations to our Club
An Oral History of Old-Time Radio
Bickersons' Love Letters

August 2010
Did a Backwoods Kentuckian Invent Radio?
The Natural Bridge Revue
Mel Torme: From Kid Actor to Jazz Great
Book Review: Arthur Anderson Autobiography
States of Radio
Obituaries: Rosa Rio, Art Linkletter, Himan Brown

June 2010
Lights Out... Everybody!
Uncovering Black Radio's Roots: 1927 - 1929
The Star Spangled Soprano
Do You Recall U.S. President Hughes?

April 2010
OTR in Japan
Fibber Times Three
Book Review: the "Who Is Johnny Dollar" Matter
Birth of the News Roundup
Dan Reid, the Durango Cid
Jim Harmon, Ron Lackmann Obituaries

February 2010
Gunsmoke - the Missing Episodes
The Black Museum: Murder Most English
Bing Crosby Stadium
Development of the Radio Sitcom
Movie Review: Me and Orson Welles
Book Review: Perry Como Biography

December 2009
Tonto's Birth Certificate
OTR Fossil Hunting
Curtain Call for Mutual's Quartette
Book Review: Autobiography of June Foray
Roy Rogers Museum Closes
Second Broadcast of War of the Worlds

October 2009
History of our OTR Hobby
Guiding Light - the Last Episode
Those OTR Book Titles
Ed Walker into Radio Hall of Fame
Book Review: Flights of Fantasy (the True Story of Superman)

August 2009
Criminal Casebook: Radio's 'Whydunit?'
Benefactors Donate OTR Material to MWOTRC
Superman's Hometown: Metropolis
Guest interview with Ken Krug
Book Review: American Radio Networks

25th Anniversary Issue June 2009: our 25th Anniversary Issue!
Message from our President
A Short History of MWOTRC
Milestones: 25 Years of Progress
On the OTR Convention Circuit
25 Years of Mastheads

February 2009
Wise Quacking Joe Penner
Ellery Queen and the Norths
Radio Berlin Calling
Book Review: This Day in Network Radio
Book Review: Encyclopedia of American Radio, 1920-1960

December 2008
Frank Stanton: Gentleman-in-Waiting
Bill Stern: Even His Initials Were B.S.
It's the Cinnamon Bear!
Book Review: Sold On Radio

October 2008
Canine Appearances in OTR
Mary Mason, Star of Maudie's Diary
Short Takes
Book Review: the Airwaves of New York
Ask The Expert: Decoder Rings

June 2008
Letter from Cincinnati
Reveille with Beverly
Sherlock Holmes and the 1920s Radio Drama
These Radio Premiums had a Big Difference
Dennis Crow of Cinnamon Bear Fame

April 2008
Setting a Spell with Lum and Abner
Captain Midnight Badges and the Replicas
Doc Herrold, Father of Broadcast Radio
Essential OTR Reference Library
Editors in MWOTRC
Let's Pretend

February 2008
The Hour Of Charm
FBI Cases On Your Radio Dial
The WBT Briarhoppers
Ask The Expert: Lindbergh's Return

December 2007
Edgar Allan Poe on Radio
Quiz: TV Radio Mirror Awards for 1958-59
Radio's First Drama Show
Book Review: The Great Radio Sitcoms
Book Review: Radio and the Jews
War of the Worlds: Response Greatly Exaggerated?

October 2007
The Halloween Broadcast that Spooked America
The Railroad Hour
The Musical Steelmakers
Quotable Quotes
Candy Matson Co-Lead Henry Leff Dies at 88

August 2007
Cities of Origin
What Aussies Heard of American Radio in WW II
Phyl Coe Mysteries
Ed Walker to Appear at Convention in Aberdeen
LOC Sound & Film Archives Move To Culpeper
Book Review: Straight Arrow
Book Review: The Rise of Radio

June 2007
Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou
Kellogg's and Howie Wing
Bobby Benson had Eight Voices
Cincinnatti OTR and Nostalgia Convention
Uncle Russ wants to hear from you

April 2007
Converting OTR to Digital
Czar Wars: RCA vs. CBS in Early Radio (part 2)
American WW II Military Radio in the Solomon Islands (part 3)
Radio Stars' Professions and Hobbies

February 2007
Czar Wars: RCA vs. CBS in Early Radio (part 1)
American WW II Military Radio in the Solomon Islands (part 2)
New Show-Biz Book: Manhattan Diary
Ask The Expert (Norman Corwin)

December 2006
The Jane Froman Story
American WW II Military Radio in the Solomon Islands (part 1)
Finding Scripts Made Easy
Ralphie's Secret Decoder
Birth of the Cinnamon Bear

October 2006
Soap Stars: Ethereal Busybodies
When Kay Kyser Joined Batman
Ralston's Breakfast Song
Book Review: The Daytime Serials of Television

August 2006
Radio's 100th Anniversary
Talbot Mundy's Jack Armstrong Serials
David Harding, Counterspy
Comic Strips of Radio's Golden Age
Gunsmoke: Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats
Open Letter to the White House

June 2006
The Brotherhood of the Airways
Building Jack Armstrong's Airplane
ProQuest: A Valuable Tool for the OTR Researcher
Tokyo Rose: American Patriot
OTR Rebuttal from Wisconsin

April 2006
Mutual's Forgotten Soap Operas
Produce It Again, Sam (the reuse of scripts)
Historical Dictionary of American Radio Soap Operas
Memories of Don Knotts on the B-Bar-B
Eternal Light Documentary Now Available

February 2006
In The Air On The Air: Radio Captured the Thrill of Flying
Fred Foy's Contribution to the WXYZ Programs
The 1945 Code-O-Graph: a War Curiosity
Maury Cagle, 2005 Cawelti Award Winner
A Different Kind of OTR Reference Book
Jessica Dragonette: America's Queen of the Radio (part 2)

December 2005
Guest Detectives on Quick As A Flash
Summer of the Secret Squadron
Cruisin' with the Cinnamon Bear
Rudy Vallee Introduced Many Radio Performers to Fame
Random Quotes from OTR Shelf
Memories of Nick Williams
Jessica Dragonette: America's Queen of the Radio (part 1)

October 2005
Old Time Radio Meets New Time Technology
Private Eyelashes Revisited
The Extraordinary Musical Landscape that was Radio
New Ellery Queen Book
Ask the Expert (Scopes Trial)
Imagination Theatre adds two new series

August 2005
Captain Midnight and Decoder Rings (special to the web site)
The Howie Wing Transcriptions, Part 3
African-American OTR Collection
Shakespeare on Radio
Rating OTR on Satellite Radio

June 2005
Tom Swift - A Radio Mystery
The Howie Wing Transcriptions, Part 2
The Adventures of Captain Hudson
Ask The Expert (Captain Midnight)

April 2005
Ted Drake, Guardian of the Big Top
The Howie Wing Transcriptions
Superman in the Media, part two
Twenty Questions Book Available On Line
Message from Former OTR Cowboy Singer
OTR Stars Buried with Former Baseball Greats

February 2005
Superman in the Media
Four Kinds of OTR Premiums
The Little Lady Who Could Locate Anybody
Ask The Expert (First Singing Commercial)

December 2004
The Breakfast Club
OTR Fanciful Marriages
Sound Effects in Early Radio
Death of Stan Cawelti
Vintage Invitations and Advertisements

October 2004
Peter Quill, the Crimson Wizard
Stories of the Black Chamber
OTR's Animal Imitators
Storytelling in the Pulps, Comics, and Radio
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons

August 2004
Charlie Chan, Down Under
Save Our Stella (Dallas)
Family Theater OTR Series Remastered
Obituaries (Sam Edwards, Jackson Beck)

June 2004
All We Want Are The Facts:Eddy King and DRAGNET
Buck Rogers In The (20th) Century, Part Two
Ask The Expert (Hindenburg)

April 2004
The Short Musical Career of "Little Jack" Little
Buck Rogers In The (20th) Century, Part One
Robert Donley (An Appreciation)

February 2004
The Shadow Radio Program
Factual Review of Tony Wons
Ask The Expert (I Can Hear It Now)
Radio's Clumsy Counterfeits

December 2003
The Sounds of Christmas
Interview: OTR author Jim Cox
Book Review: Speaking of Radio
Discovery of Lost OTR Show
Fond Memories of Eddie Gallaher

October 2003
Not Your Father's Lone Ranger
I Love A Mystery - Stairway to the Sun
Book Review: Frank and Anne Hummert’s Radio Factory

August 2003
New Songs for Old Radio
Captain Midnight's Uniform
Radio Actors who played Johnny Dollar
Tyler McVey dies at 91

June 2003
The Miracle of Writing for Radio
Art Carney's Show-Biz Career Began on Radio
War of the Worlds original script on eBay

April 2003
It Pays To Be Ignorant
Martin and Lewis on Radio (part 2)
Ask The Expert (Mutual Network and The Lone Ranger)

February 2003
Martin and Lewis on Radio (part 1)
Ask The Expert (Myrt and Marge)
Book Review: It's That Time Again
Book Review: Words at War

December 2002
Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209 (part 2)
Ask The Expert (decoder rings)
Book Review: Radio Crime Fighters

October 2002
A Tribute To Will Rogers
Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209 (part 1)
New Book On Radio Premiums Arrives
Ask The Expert (African American life)

The RADIO RECALL is the official journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club, and is published six times a year. Each issue contains 12 pages of text and graphics relating to all phases of vintage radio. Contributors to past issues have included well-known OTR writers and researchers, including Elizabeth McLeod, Jim Cox, Ken Piletic, Jim Snyder, Stephen A. Kallis, Jr., Michael Biel, Dennis W. Crow, and others.

Articles, frequently illustrated by Bobb Lynes, have appeared which have discussed Tom Mix, Suspense, Straight Arrow, Quiet Please, Marx Brothers on Radio, OTR's Lady Detectives, Art of Audio Collecting, The Blue Beetle, Origins of Radio Broadcasting, Captain Midnight, OTR Magicians, McNeil's Breakfast Club and many other topics. There are also regular features on current OTR conventions and festivals, reviews of new OTR books, articles on new OTR acquisitions, and radio related quizzes and puzzles. Each issue includes a "Voice of the Listener" column which contains requests from those seeking missing shows, books, or data on stars or shows.

Copies of any back issue (when available) are $5, post paid, from the editor Jack French. A one-year subscription to this publication comes with membership in MWOTRC.