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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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(From Radio Recall, December 2007)

The magazine TV RADIO MIRROR annually compiled its readers’ opinions on the best of TV and radio in a number of categories. Putting TV aside, let’s see if you can guess which Radio shows or stars won their “Favorite“ categories some 50 years ago.

A---Favorite Radio Team
1) George Burns & Gracie Allen
2) Alan Bunce & Peg Lynch
3) Ozzie & Harriet Nelson

B---Favorite Comedy-Variety
1) Jack Benny Show
2) Amos ‘n Andy Music Hall
3) Arthur Godfrey Show

C---Favorite Evening M.C.
1) Don Wilson
2) Mitch Miller
3) Milton Cross

D---Favorite Sportscaster
1) Russ Hodges
2) Bill Stern
3) Mel Allen

E---Favorite Radio Serial
1) Ma Perkins
2) Pepper Young’s Family
3) Stella Dallas

F---Favorite Female Singer
1) Dinah Shore
2) Alice Lon
3) Doris Day

G----Favorite News Commentator
1) Douglas Edwards
2) Edward R. Murrow
3) Lowell Thomas

H---Favorite Dramatic Actress
1) Mary Jane Higby
2) Julie Stevens
3) Virginia Payne

I----Favorite Dramatic Actor
1) Lon Clark
2) Sandy Becker
3) Staats Cotsworth

J----Favorite Radio Drama
1) Suspense
2) Gunsmoke
3) Escape

K----Favorite Daytime Show
1) Queen For a Day
2) The Breakfast Club
3) Mary Margaret McBride

L----Favorite Popular Music Program
1) Your Hit Parade
2) Grand Ole Opry
3) Lawrence Welk Army Show

M----Favorite Daytime M.C.
1) Art Linkletter
2) Bert Parks
3) Jack Bailey

N----Favorite Classical or Religious Music
1) Metropolitan Opera
2) Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir
3) Voice of Firestone

O----Favorite Male Singer
1) Frank Sinatra
2) Pat Boone
3) Bing Crosby

Scroll down for answers...

Strangely enough, the correct answer to every question is (2). Some are hard to believe now, but this was the vote tally for 1958-59. In Question A, the two winners were the stars of The Couple Next Door. In Question F, yes, Alice Lon (Welk’s vocalist) is the winner; she was on both his radio show as well as TV. As for Question I, who remembers Sandy Becker now? But back then, he was playing Young Dr. Malone and he won this award five years in a row. Question O: Pat Boone was on TV then, but he was also on radio and won in this music category.