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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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(From Radio Recall, October 2010)

There have been dozens of reviews of my book since it came out in 2004. Here’s a German review of its 2009 release. Their English translation from the original German leaves a little confusion for the reader to sort through. Here goes.....

French, Jack: Private Eyelashes. Radio' s lady Detectives. 2009 (2nd edition of the expenditure of 2004), 237 S., 23 s/w photos, Bear Manor Media, , $ 19.95 (current rate zzgl. VAT)

Into the late 1950er years the end of the so-called is " Old time Radio" (OTR) with its Crime & Mystery shows rung in. Since 1932 there were these crime film radio plays in the US-American broadcast - and were very often investigator inside, which provided with the listeners for tension. Thus e.g. the actress Irene Delroy began her broadcast career 1932 in the series " The Transcontinental Murder Mystery" and " The Stratosphere Murder Mystery".

The former Marinekryptograph and retired FBI agent Jack French draws with meticulousness and joke the history of the lady Detectives of the American crime film radio play. In nine chapters forty-five spokeswomen and/or characters are presented in detail.

In addition Jack French of dozens of details serves over the emergence of the radio endings, quotes their output texts (original short crime films in magazines or so-called " dime novels"), and nerve-killing in countless cross references over colleagues, crime film authors, production coworkers or also the relevant advertising customers, without those and of them (already determines its time) Werbeunterbrechnungen reports.

French in its representations gives in detail area to all spokeswomen and/or Protagonistinnen. Partially dialogue quotations or Trailer are interspersed into these representations. Of course also as famous series are " as; Mr. and Mrs. North" , " Perry Mason" , " The Shadow" or " Nod Carter, master Detective" comprehensively discussed. " Private Eyelashes" might be () for (European) radio play fans from large interest, they are " nevertheless here over or other still unknown American; radio heroine" or " lady sleuth" informs in the best way. In addition, " for prospective customers of the ensure-called; Frauenkrimis" one " Private Eyelashes" not without meaning its!

In the USA Jack French is valid as the authority in the area of the history of the US radio radio play. The book closes with a small visible bibliography of the secondary literature and but detailed the source references to the individual chapters. An index opens " Private Eyelashes". The chapters: The roofridge Ladies/into the Driver' s Seat/The Better Halves/partner in Crime/A Nose For news… and Clues/ME and My Gal Friday/wave, Just For Laughs/More Than Just A Secretary/and the Winner Is.