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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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Compiled by Cort Vitty
(From Radio Recall, April 2007)

Fred Allen performed as a juggler.
Lucille Manners worked as a stenographer.
Jack Benny played the fiddle.
Don Novis and Tommy Riggs were professional boxers.
Mark Love (WGN singer) was a wrestler.
Nelson Eddy was a newspaperman in Philadelphia.
Jim (Fibber McGee) Jordan was a mailman.
Charles Correll labored as a bricklayer in Peoria.
Writer Don Quinn worked as a cartoonist.
Paul Whiteman drove a cab in Denver.
Abe Lymen drove a taxi in Chicago.
Major Bowes was a realtor on the west coast.
Les Tremayne was a carnival barker.
Bob Elson was a boy soprano.
Quin Ryan was a newspaper columnist.
Kate Smith filmed home movies.
Walter O’Keefe read the Congressional Record.
Tony Wons built model houses and assembled violins.
Paul Whitman was an expert horseman.
Bob Crosby collected drums.
Jessica Dragonette raised parakeets.
Bob Hope collected buttons.
Judy Garland had a collection of swing records.
Jerry Colonna collected mustache cups.
Guy Lombardo owned several boats.
Ken Griffin was an accomplished yachtsman.
Tommy Riggs studied the history of ventriloquism.
Les Tremayne collected trout flies.
Lucille Wall collected radio scripts, which included over 4,000 daytime dramas.
John J. Anthony collected soap figurines carved by the blind.
Gracie Allen was an expert at crocheting.
Bob Trout collected old newspapers.
Dick Marvin collected joke books.
Rudy Vallee collected pictures of his guest stars.

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