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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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Johnny Dollar
(From Radio Recall, August 2003)

Editor's Note: Russ Hudson, an OTR researcher, recently posted on the Internet this detailed list of all the radio actors who played the role of "Johnny Dollar" ...and when.

Dick Powell
in one audition recording, "Investigation of Wilfred Brooks the Third" Dec 7, 1948

Charles Russell
from audition recording "The Robert Perry Case" Jan 14, 1949 to broadcast "The Missing Chinese Stripper Matter" Jan 14, 1950

Edmund O'Brien
from broadcast "Death Takes a Working Day" Feb 3, 1950 to broadcast "The Montevideo Matter" Sep 3, 1952

John Lund
from audition recording "The Trans-Pacific Matter" Nov 24, 1952 to broadcast "The Upjohn Matter" Sept 19, 1954

Gerald Mohr
in one audition recording (for the 15 min, 5 day a week serial) "The Trans-Pacific Matter" Aug 29, 1955

Bob Bailey
from broadcast "The McCormack Matter - Part 1" Oct 3, 1955 to broadcast "The Empty Threat Matter" Nov 27, 1960

Robert Readick
from broadcast "The Wayward Kilocycles Matter" Dec 18, 1960 to broadcast "The Million Dollar Jewelry Matter" Jun 11, 1961

Mandel Kramer
from "The Low Tide Matter" Jun 18, 1961 to "The Tip-Off Matter" Sep 30, 1962 (last show of the series)

Russ adds: "In my humble opinion, Bailey is #1. Gerald Mohr, is #2, and brought a unique, hard-boiled edge to the role, and would have made an interesting Dollar (then again, if he got the role, we would not have had Bob Bailey at all.) And Robert Readick is my #3 choice."