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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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by Ian Grieve, moderator, Australian OTR Group
(From Radio Recall, August 2007)

G'Day folks. I am often asked about how Australians knew about various U.S. shows and performers way back when.

The below April 1943 news article gives a clue. Please note that it will not be the complete distribution. The stations listed are only those situated in Victoria but I am sure that the same arrangements would have been made in Sydney, New South Wales and possibly other states where U.S. servicemen were based.

As usual, such an article causes more questions than it answers.The most accessible research opportunities for us are in Victoria and so our research is slanted in that direction at the moment. Future opportunities may well change that.

Recordings of leading American network features, which have been made available mainly for the entertainment of service men, have now been distributed amoung the various stations below, under an arrangement arrived at by the A.B.C and commercial interests. All these features must be aired between 6 and 10.30 p.m. The following is the complete distribution:

A.B.C. - Command Performance, Jack Benny, Fred Waring, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen, Mail Call, Personal Album, C.B.S. Symphony, Invitation to Learning.

3DB - Charlie McCarthy, National Barn Dance, Major Bowen, Tommy Dorsey, Hour of Charm, I Hear America Calling, Suspense, They Live Forever, Telephone Music, Halls of Montezuma.

3AW - Fibber McGee, Kate Smith, Great Gildersleeve, Hit Parade, Song Sheet, Indianna Indigo, Aldrich Family, 22nd Letter, U.S. Navy Band.

3UZ - Bing Crosby, Stage Door Canteen, Double or Nothing, Down Beat, Cab Calloway, Melody Round-up, Cavalcade of America, This is Our Enemy, The Voice of Firestone, Music for Sunday.

3KZ - Red Skelton, Saturday Night Bandwagon, Jubilee, Yank Swing, Fitch Bandwagon, Name Bands, Front Line Theatre, Murder Clinic, Viewing Stand, Wings Over Jordon.

3XY - Maxwell House Show Boat, Fred Allen, Dinah Shore, Mutual Goes Calling, Kay Kayser, Victory Theatre, Cab Calloway, U.S. Marine Band, Stars over Hollywood.