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This story was published in Radio Recall, the journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club, published six times per year.

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Trove of A Date With Judy Found
by Stewart Wright, ©2013
(From Radio Recall, December 2013)

Due to the efforts of Old-Time Radio collector/dealer, Jerry Haendiges, over 140 additional A Date With Judy episodes (including 10 partial episodes) are coming into circulation. This find increases the number of available episodes for the series from 25 to 166 out of a total 306 episodes. Jerry and I have compared our primary source episode information to ensure that the episodes are correctly dated and titled.

You can find a listing of Jerry's available episodes at: www.otrsite.com/logs/logd1036.htm

Jerry is planning to offer many of these episodes to his SPERDVAC members within the next few months. To see transcription disc labels for these episodes, go to: www.jerrysoldtimeradio.com/tdl-0011

For my broadcast log of the series that includes much background information, see: www.oldtime.com/otrlogs2/date_with_judy_sw.pdf

Five A Date With Judy episodes were recently aired on Jerry's "Old Time Radio Classics" show which airs over the Web. On October 13th, Jerry aired four episodes that featured the four of the five actors who played Judy: Ann Gillis, Dellie Ellis, Louise Erickson and Jane Powell. (Powell played Judy in one 1947 episode to promote the upcoming A Date With Judy motion picture in which she starred.) Jane Webb also played Judy in one episode. On October 27th, Jerry aired a 1945 episode "The Haunted House." You can listen to these episodes at: www.vintageradioclassics.com/vintageradioclassics/broadcast/arcradioclassics1310.html

Look for the programs "Four Dates With Four Judys" and "Halloween Special."