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The "Two At One" Show

The first Walker and Scott show on WRC was called Two At One. It began on July 11, 1955. Click here to listen to some of the first show (MP3 file, 249K).

Listen to Willard and Ed discuss why the show was called Two At One (MP3 file, 86K). This clip is from the WAMU pledge drive CD.

Even at this early stage, some familiar Joy Boys characters were visiting. On this CD you'll hear Betty Crockett, Miss Janitor, and Arthur Codfish (except that Ed is doing the Arthur voice this time). Old Granddad appears too. You may recall he was one of Ed's voices, but he had his own show on WRC for a time, playing some very old records.

As Ed Walker says, I don't think the engineers were used to our kind of show! The sound effects didn't always happen on cue. But the Joy Boys took it all in stride.

The tossed salad that didn't (MP3 file, 130K)

Two At One lasted over a year, until Willard went into the Navy. Here are a pair of clips from that last show, which aired November 23, 1956.

Navy whistle; "This Is Our Lives" (MP3 file, 260K)

Navy band hassles Willard (MP3 file, 83K)

You can hear more of these bits on our CD #JB113. Visit our Audio Page for more information.

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