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Contents of disc #JB112:

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Tracks 2 through 15 were recorded by Duncan Holmes. Most of these are "One A Day Radio," a complete Joy Boys show in a six-minute time slot.

1. Introduction by Duncan Holmes
2. One A Day Radio: Arthur Codfish (Juan Toomany, Columbian Coffee)
3. Willard introduces Claire Beech, WRC weather girl
4. One A Day Radio: interview with a rocket scientist
5. One A Day Radio: the Sodbuster (Sgt. Preston's dog King visits)
6. One A Day Radio: Robin Hood (makes cookies) MP3 file, 718K
7. One A Day Radio: Charlie Nemo
8. One A Day Radio: Orville Pipple, who can't sleep
9. One A Day Radio: the nervous psychiatrist
10. One A Day Radio: Charlie Chain, oriental detective

Tracks 11 through 15 are miscellaneous bits, also from Duncan Holmes.

11. Joy Boys need an announcer for New Year's show
12. Weather break with Felix Grant
13. Focus on Forty, program close
14. Willard closes his evening program
15. Willard again, closing the "Time For Dreams" show

The final three tracks on this CD are from a Red Cross PSA (public service announcement) recording. It contained eight PSAs, and was released to radio stations in 1971, on a stereo 7" vinyl record. These are the three tracks which featured Ed and Willard.

16. Red Cross PSA (drug abuse), 60 seconds, with Ed & Willard MP3 file, 143K
17. Red Cross PSA (drug abuse), 30 seconds, with Ed & Willard
18. Red Cross PSA (United Way), 30 seconds, with Ed

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