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Contents of disc #JB302:

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1. Randolph W. Goon: "George Washington"
2. Pee Wee Mozzarella: "Smiles"
3. Charles recites "I'm in the mood for love" while plumbers work
4. WWPU (Mertz Rent-A-Dog)
5. Pee Wee Mozz: "After You're Gone"
6. Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady (political neighbor)

Tracks 7-11 are As The Worm Turns from March 6-10, 1972.
Lord Brittlebottom wonders if he's a lord or a used car salesman.

7. Part 1
8. Part 2
9. Part 3
10. Part 4
11. Part 5

12. Pee Wee Mozzarella: "Bourbon Street Parade"
13. Dear Lucille (lady is losing weight... and her man too)
14. Raymond LaRoache: "Latin Medley"
15. Randolph W. Goon: "Month of June"
16. WWPU (Break-a-Bad-Habit Company)
17. Charles recites "Hey There" while the troops march
18. Raymond LaRoache: "Dearborn Michigan"
19. WWPU (Collosal Fossil Company)
20. Raymond LaRoache: "Maresy Doats"
21. WWPU (Ledbetter's Feed)
22. WWPU (Rural Rapture Company)
23. Randolph W. Goon: "Lusty Month of May"
24. Dear Abie gives advice

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