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Contents of Interviews #2:
Fred Fiske on "Empathy" (WWDC); Pick Temple

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Fred Fiske interviewed the Joy Boys on his "Empathy"
show, on WWDC-AM, October 24, 1972. Fred was one of
Ed Walker's instructors at American University.

1. Introductions
2. Getting the station IDs wrong
3. Public response to leaving WRC
4. Rapport
5. Winging it; all the characters
6. Callers
7. More calls

The Joy Boys and Pick Temple, in a show from April 30
1967, the 67th anniversary of the death of railroad
legend Casey Jones.

8. Intro
9. Opening / theme
10. Intro to Pick Temple
11. Intro To "Cayce" Jones
12. Sim Webb, Casey's fireman
13. Pick Temple again / spots
14. The whistle
15. 1950 broadcast
16. Pick Temple again
17. Pick sings the Casey Jones song
18. Outro

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