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Contents of Interviews #4:
John Hickman, Bruce Allen, Arthur Godfrey

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

In this tape from October 31 1987, Ed Walker interviews
Willard Scott. Willard was on a book tour after the
release of his book, "America Is My Neighborhood."

1. Willard's book tour
2. Blue and Red networks; WJZ
3. Nervous breakdown
4. Willard the weatherman gets his start
5. Warm weather and a cruise
6. Callers; book publisher stories
7. Sing the theme; seagull does a nasty
8. Various engineers; other Joy Boys
9. Dirty Radio; interviews; Arthur Godfrey
10. Callers

Other short bits:

11. Ed Walker tells the "Turkey Story" (11/1/87)
12. Leisure World spot with Joy Boys theme (’87 or '88)
13. Bloopers from Ed Walker and Bruce Allen

From a WRC radio 65th anniversary special, these bits
include John Hickman and Bruce Allen. (August 1, 1988)

14. Intro; 65th anniversary
15. Willard and Ed
16. Grandma's Antique Shoppe and Bookie Joint

Ed Walker's "AM Washington" TV program, with guest
Arthur Godfrey and co-host Ruth Hudgins. (April '75)

17. AM Washington with Ed Walker and Arthur Godfrey

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