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Contents of disc #JB106:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Last WRC show, 2:05 - 3:15 PM
1. Jeeves loads up the car
2. Theme, old and new / recapping 17 years on WRC
3. As The Worm Turns
4. Music (Wicky Wacky Woo, Arthur Godfrey)
5. Arthur Codfish (says goodbyes) / Parks Sausages spot
6. Robin Hood of Rock Creek Park (old horse trade-in time)
7. Music
8. News intro (rumblings of discontent among announcers)
9. 2:30 News
10. Music (instr.)
11. Wilkins Coffee (Ed, produced spot)
12. Music (Cigareets and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women)
13. Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady MP3 file, 335K
14. Music
15. NBC News Emphasis w/Jack Perkins
16. Music
17. Various talk bits incl WTOP mention
18. Music (Red Scarf Matches Your Eyes medley)
19. Johnny Wilcox, others
20. News intro and 3:00 news
21. Duane Lear, the traffic reporter
22. Music (Spike Jones)
23. Dick Herriman Ford spot MP3 file, 108K
24. Great Moments in History (Louisiana Purchase)
25. Grand Union spot

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