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Bits from discs #JB116 and JB117:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Five tracks from Ed's days on WMAL, including some with Tom Gauger:

1. Janet Wessels sings
2. Mark Gallant, speech coach
3. Baltimore Benny and the Dundalk Dubonaires sing "Hello, Hello, Hello"
4. Italian Chef
5. Burt Cohen's 12 Days Of Christmas

Bits from WWDC, 1972 and 1973:

6. The First Thanksgiving
7. Pee Wee Mozzarella and the Flukes of Dixieland: "When My Baby Smiles At Me"
8. Randolph W. Goon
9. Raymond La Roache: "It Must Be True"
10. Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady (daughter is a hippie)
11. The Sodbuster (Dirty Pete's Disney Revue)
12. Arthur Codfish (there's nobody in New York)
13. WWPU (Fat Lip Boxing Course)
14. Charles recites a ballad (with a cat in the studio)
15. WWPU (Windbag Baloon Company)

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