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Contents of disc #JB127:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

This CD contains bits from the 1959 New Year's Eve show, contributed by Jim Warrick.

1. Show opening
2. Harry Legs, live from Hot Shoppe #32
3. Music
4. Welcome Wagon / Brewington shoots out WPOT tower lights MP3 file, 516K
5. Loan Arranger (can't pay hotel bill)
6. Project 1960 (1959 in review)
7. Music
8. Pops, the Night Watchman / the new WEAM MP3 file, 238K
9. George Brewington shoots MP3 file, 346K
10. Arthur Codfish (meat samples)
11. Art Page back from lunch
12. Mr. Fixit (pool table)
13. Band of seals / Patrick Henry / NBC chimes
14. Ted Baloney poetry reading
15. Loan Arranger (Christmas tree)
16. Arthur Codfish (Eggbert's Eggnog)
17. Randolph W. Goon ("The River Runs")
18. Arthur Codfish (Pickwick candy-flavored toothpicks)
19. Captain Daybreak (locked out)
20. Randolph W. Goon ("Chicken Neck")
21. Mad Magazine / Music MP3 file, 121K
22. Public Service Announcements
23. Caller reads a sonnet
24. Floto Yoyo, Inventor of the Yo-Yo
25. George and Pops come in from the cold

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