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Contents of disc #JB128:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

This CD contains bits from the first half of 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. Stella Bear (Pa cuts Ma's hair)
2. Al Stevenson interviews celebrities at the Shanghai
3. Yellow Ghost (old theme) (Diner's Club)
4. Captain Daybreak (nobody's flying the plane) MP3 file, 362K, MP3 file, 158K
5. Arthur Codfish (Hawaii)
6. Plug a song / OLD Walker & Scott theme
7. Stella Bear (crossword puzzle)
8. Captain Daybreak (lost compass on boat)
9. Smoke Camels / Sodbuster (union meeting)
10. Stella Bear (Herbert's troubles with first grade)
11. WRC's Lucky Buck / Lombardo chimes / theme (March 31, 1959)
12. Stella Bear (spring cleaning)
13. Miss Janitor (speed limits)
14. NBC chimes (Art burp)
15. Betty Crockett (parboiled possum proboscis)
16. Miss Janitor (bingo)
17. Answer Man (daylight savings time) MP3 file, 361K
18. Wilbur Weathervane
19. Stella Bear (Herbert's summer job in forestry)
20. Miss Janitor (1958 Academy Award nominees - Oscars given April 6 1959, bit probably aired same week)
21. Arthur Codfish (Meyer's cherry blossom ice cream) / Merchant's Transfer & Storage
22. Buck Beast, editor of Beast Magazine
23. Betty Crockett (fricaseed lambs fisteris)
24. Stella Bear (Herbert's missing; in icebox)
25. Answer Man (rabbit's foot)
26. Tearing a DDD directory in half (April 12 1959 - Washington DC becomes
fully equipped for direct distance dialing, which allows customers to
dial their own long distance calls without operator assistance)
27. Stella Bear (bowling)
28. Great Moments in History (Nathan Hale)
29. Wilbur Weathervane
30. Arthur Codfish (Mother Mendel's marinated mushrooms)
31. Gordon Greenthumb (mulching)

And this final clip was contributed by Wes McAuley.

32. Sammy Skin plays "Stardust"

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