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Contents of disc #JB129:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

More bits from early 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. Fred Fisteris, professional dancer
2. Stella Bear (Pa wants to watch news on TV)
3. Ed Walker's surprise birthday party (April 23 1959) MP3 file, 182K
4. Stella Bear (daylight savings time) MP3 file, 436K
5. Marge and Gouger Champion, dance team
6. You Are There (Paul Revere, April 1775)
7. Miss Janitor (soap opera addresses - One Man's Family ended May 8 1959)
8. Javelin throw championship
9. Miss Janitor (NBC license plates)
10. Dr. Scooby Du, Headshrinker
11. Stella Bear (bubble gum contest)
12. Travel agent
13. Mr. Fixit (riding lawn mower)
14. Philippe LeCreep, French actor
15. Stella Bear (Herbert builds a fire)
16. Nick Beat, beatnik poet
17. Answer Man (Roman roads)
18. Great Moments in History (Cheapskate submarine)
19. Stella Bear (Ma writes a song)
20. Sodbuster (Marshall goes on the stage)
21. Marlboro Race Course, President's Cup (race was April 18 1959)
22. Interview with Bat Masterson
23. Mr. Fixit (brick barbeque pit)
24. Award (drips) / chimes / Wilbur Weathervane
25. Sodbuster (falling tree)
26. Gordon Greenthumb (DC soil problems)
27. Stella Bear (DDD wrong numbers)
28. Arthur Codfish (Ue Ue Ukuleles)

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