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Contents of disc #JB130:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Comedy bits from the middle of 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. The Answer Man (Kellogg Pact)
2. Mr. Saparelli, fashion designer
3. The Ed and Will Overture
4. Frank Forrester weather intro
5. The Lone Pepper
6. Nose Greco, flamenco dancer
7. Stella Bear (Herbert's baby shoes)
8. Miss Janitor (zoo animals)
9. 1959 Emma Awards
10. Edward R. Forrester weather intro
11. Stella Bear (radio audition)
12. Wilbur Weathervane (meteorolgist convention)
13. Beast Magazine (hold that tiger)
14. Trailing the Trotters spot / Frank Forrester MP3 file, 660K
15. Betty Crockett (cauliflower cacciatorian)
16. Miss Lotta Mouth, radio/TV correspondent
17. The Answer Man (Chesapeake Bay)
18. Boxing match, sponsored by Flick injector razors
19. Chimes / Willard's courting
20. Award / Al Ross / music
21. Stella Bear (Herbert's studying)
22. SCREAM pick hits of the week
23. Stella Bear (mama makes cookies)
24. WWVO (Harry's Homicidal Used Cars)
25. Robin Hood (the merry band rehearses) MP3 file, 338K
26. The Answer Man (Henry VIII)
27. Gordon Greenthumb, gardening expert (crabgrass)
28. Rosecroft Raceway spot MP3 file, 118K
29. Nelly Nuptual, marriage counselor
30. Frank Forrester has a commercial MP3 file, 70K

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