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Contents of disc #JB131:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Comedy bits from the middle of 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. Great Moments in History (William Tell)
2. Betty Crockett (alligator adenoids)
3. Willard Scott gets a haircut
4. Betty Crockett (turkey turnovers)
5. Interview with Charlie Jingle, who writes jingles
6. Hide-a-bed ad
7. Tom Mix, master of the west
8. Music from the Burning Stick Club
9. Yellow Ghost (telegraph gets baseball results)
10. Beltsville Ballet School
11. Stella Bear (Rosa jazzes up the theme)
12. Patty Cave-In at the WRC Glikins Coffee Club
13. Nathan Nasal, taxidermist
14. Moths in the cold storage plant
15. Indian witch doctor predicts weather
16. Great Moments in History (Waterloo)
17. Surgeon wants transistor radio
18. Mr. Frembrant in the art gallery
19. Betty Crockett (galvanized gopher gizzards)
20. Guy Lombardo's autograph / NBC chimes
21. Miss Janitor (honeymoon resorts)
22. Great Moments in History (Davy Crockett)
23. Ed returns from vacation
24. William Holden taped interview
25. Stella Bear (Herbert measures the humidity)
26. Music (chipmunks) / NBC chimes
27. The Loan Arranger (Tonto needs a loan) MP3 file, 414K
28. Beatnik book reviews
29. Sports highlights (Patterson-Johanson fight) MP3 file, 135K
30. Stella Bear (lucky buck contest)
31. Charles (his girl needs a hearing aid)
32. Betty Crockett (fricaseed frog fritters)
33. Stella Bear (Herbert ties knots) / NBC chimes
34. Beatnik gift shop
35. Old lady looking for cocktail lounge / NBC chimes

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