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Contents of disc #JB132:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Comedy bits from the middle of 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. Miss Janitor (racetrack prices)
2. Charter House spot MP3 file, 433K
3. Yesterday's show was a bomb
4. Total Radio, the fall lineup
5. 1812 Overture (brass section leaves)
6. Peter Hacksaw World News Roundup
7. Brown Corduroy (new movie spot)
8. Wagon Train (winemakers head west)
9. Ted Crack and the Original Armature Hour
10. Miss Janitor (ball scores, no teams)
11. Uncle Oswald's Story Time (Little Red Riding Hood)
12. Great Moments in History (Boston Tea Party)
13. The Sodbuster (waiting for a guest shot on Maverick)
14. Inner Sanctum ("Murder At Midnight")
15. Clyde Booty, lion feeder at the zoo
16. Stella Bear (hotel has too many stairs)
17. 60-second editorial (WRC believes in money)
18. Betty Crockett (salted sea gulls)
19. Miss Janitor (cooking temperatures)
20. Music
21. Weather
22. Memos from Management (please omit "Broadcast House")
23. NBC chimes / The Answer Man (corn plasters)
24. Ping pong tournament finals
25. This Crabgrass Was Mine (new movie)
26. NBC chimes
27. Yellow Ghost (laundry message)
28. Engineers' Song
29. Betty Crockett (herringbone hangover)
30. Captain Daybreak (a bomb in the lab)
31. Friendly druggist (and an annoying kid)
32. Stella Bear (dog whistle)
33. Miss Janitor (baby sitter)
34. Weight machine tells fortunes
35. No-weather forecast / radio business
36. Great Moments in History (Barbara Fritchie)
37. Lone Arranger (throws a western party)
38. Betty Crockett (asbestos hamburgers)

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