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Contents of disc #JB133:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Comedy bits from late 1959. (tape contributed by Jim Warrick)

1. Theme / old lady loses teeth
2. Japanese adventures of Superman
3. Safeway spot
4. Winston spot
5. Betty Crockett (chicken noodle o'boy)
6. The Shadow (electric chair)
7. Theme / Ed returns from vacation
8. Arthur Codfish (Ching-A-Ling Chicken Chop Suey Chow Mein)
9. Miss Janitor (Network Time)
10. The new Myna-Bird car
11. Walker + Scott make it to Network Time
12. Khrushchev's visit to the U.S.
13. Betty Crockett (Mrs. Saul's fresh frozen whale burgers)
14. 33 1/3 Sunset Strip
15. Pendall groceries spot / sports theme
16. Miss Janitor (commercial tags)
17. W.R. Winslow spot with Grubby Hayes (lead paint)
18. Captain Daybreak (fighting over the check)
19. Washington Flour spot
20. End theme / Little Orphan Nanny
21. Claudius Fink and his marriage troubles
22. Arthur Codfish (apples and avocados)
23. Minnie Mouse gets slipped a Mickey
24. Beatnik Santa
25. Washington Flour spot (crook bakes a cake)

And from the New Year's Eve show, on the morning of January 1 1961:
(We have much more from this New Year's Eve show on our CDs #JB204, #JB205, and #JB206.)

26. Phineas P. Stooley concretes the Potomac
27. Arctic cigarettes
28. Music
29. Charlie Nemo with Count Hazy's Orchestra and Chorus
30. Arthur Codfish (Eggbert's Eggnog)
31. Phineas P. Stooley finishes up
32. Jingling Brothers Circus trapeze act
33. Interviews with audience members
34. Quickie Sight-Seeing Tours
35. New Year's Eve show wrapup

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