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Contents of disc #JB235:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

In late May 1961, WRC changed the schedule and the Joy Boys were only on Friday nights instead of five nights a week. The 7:05 - 7:30 PM slot was referrred to as The Showcase and featured a different program each night: Al Ross, Holly Wright, the Joy Boys, etc. If anyone is interested, we have one of Holly Wright's shows from this time period as well.

These Joy Boys shows ran on three Friday nights after the change. Listen to the first cut (below) as Willard and Ed describe the "reason" why their show was cut back to one night.

May 26, 1961:
1. Thrown off the air / Theme MP3 file, 657K
2. Salem spot
3. Sodbuster (Chester invents a fire alarm)
4. Canada Dry spot
5. Interviews in the Halls
6. Washington Star spot / Music
7. Arthur Codfish (cast spends the weekend)
8. Encore spot
9. Talk / Music
10. Theme

June 2, 1961:
11. Indians always lose / Theme
12. Salem spot
13. Miss Janitor
14. Movie spot / Music / Canada Dry spot
15. Book of the Month (How to Lose Friends and Discourage People)
16. Washington Star spot / Music
17. American University spot
18. Yellow Ghost (telegraph line)
19. Iced tea spot / Music / Movie spot
20. Theme

June 9, 1961:
21. Beauty School / Theme
22. Round Table of Knowledge ("chump")
23. Canada Dry / Music / Guardian Federal
24. Robin Hood (toll bridge)
25. Pro Hardware, Pennsylvania RR spots
26. Mr. Fixit (lemonade stand)
27. Encore / Music / California cantaloupe
28. Theme

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