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Contents of disc #JB303:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

Most of these bits are from about 1972.

1. Pee Wee Mozzarella and the Flukes of Dixieland: "Moonlight Bay" MP3 file, 161K
2. Mr. Fixit (cleans his typewriter)
3. Stella Bear (Herbert has an overdue library book)
4. Stella Bear (peeling onions)
5. Stella Bear (Herbert loses weight)
6. Stella Bear (Herbert picks some poison ivy)
7. Charles recites "Fellow needs a girl" from the engineer's lounge
8. WWPU (Sour Mash Feed Grain Company)
9. Pee Wee Mozz: "Wolverine Blues"
10. Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady (too many percentages)
11. Randolph W. Goon: "The New Me"
12. WWPU (Federal'ade) MP3 file, 332K
13. Pee Wee Mozz: "Charleston"
14. Dear Lucille (Nero the dog)
15. Raymond LaRoache: "Calcutta"
16. Randolph W. Goon: "My First Shave"
17. WWPU (Bloom-of-Youth Pills)
18. Charles recites "Easter Parade" while Willard shaves

The following are instrumental cuts, the theme music for
several recurring Joy Boys bits.

19. As The Worm Turns (opening)
20. As The Worm Turns (closing)
21. Randolph W. Goon theme: "Hour of Parting" by Buddy Cole
22. Raymond LaRoache theme: "Mama's Gone Goodbye" by Anson Weeks
23. short version of Raymond's theme

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