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Contents of disc #JB307:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

This show was recorded April 7 1970, but never aired.
It was intended for use in case a bomb scare forced WRC
to evacuate the studio. So the show has no time checks,
just some comedy, music, and a good assortment of the usual
Joy Boys live commercials.

1. Theme / level check
2. Music
3. Rodman's Discount Drugs spot
4. Old Stein spot MP3 file, 283K
5. Music
6. Dyer Brothers spot MP3 file, 330K
7. Music / Old Granddad
8. Diet Pepsi spot
9. Superduperman (stuck in the closet)
10. Music
11. Talk / Eddie Leonard spot
12. Music
13. Merchant's Transfer and Storage spot
14. Comedy
15. Park's Sausages spot
16. Olde Club spot
17. Music
18. Citizen's Bank spot MP3 file, 347K
19. Music
20. Kirby Dodge spot
21. Music
22. Theme

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