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Contents of disc #JB310:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

CDs JB309 and JB310 came to us via the estate of Manfred Max "Fred" Palm, a resident of the DC area who recorded these shows on reel-to-reel tapes. Fred's wife, Shirley Palm, had her birthday celebrated on the air in tracks 13-14.

This tape was marked "Joy Boys aircheck 12/6/68."

1. Old Stein spot
2. Music
3. WRC Nightbook PSA
4. Christmas music
5. Small's Christmas Shop
6. Telefunny (Don Adams, "Mr. Football")
7. Chevrolet spot
8. WRC Nightbook PSA; music; news
9. Eddie Leonard spot; the WRC Doll House; movie gala
10. Music; First Federal spot
11. WWVO (Missing Eggs Fingerprint Kit)
12. Music; theme

These tracks are from a tape marked "Shirley's birthday 8/70."

13. Olde Club restuarant spot
14. Shirley's birthday

Another aircheck tape of the Joy Boys, this one undated.

15. Gallagher's Continental Linen Service; music
16. Mr. Kelly's Country Squire; Telefunny (Clemmons & Stevens, "The Dog Doctor")
17. Dyer Brothers Paints; KFC at Topps Drive-In

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