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Contents of disc: Remember the Joy Boys, Volume One

1. Studio tour; theme;intro  
2. Show history, part one
3-4. Yellow Ghost   Listen to this disc on YouTube
5. WOL and the used car
6-7. Arthur Codfish  
8. First job at WRC
9-10. Stella Bear
11. Bozo and the AFRS
12-13. The Sodbuster
14-15. WWPU
16. As the Worm Turns, part one
17-18. Betty Crockett
19. As the Worm Turns, part two
20-21. Robin Hood of Rock Creek Park
22. As the Worm Turns, part three
23-24. Mr. Fixit
25. Great music; silent movies
26. As the Worm Turns, part four
27. Credits
28. Thanks for listening; end theme

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