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Contents of disc: Remember the Joy Boys, Volume Two

1. Russian actress and two translators  
2. Theme
3. Randolph W. Goon   Listen to this disc on YouTube
4. Sammy Skin
5. As The Worm Turns, part one  
6. Great Moments in History
7. The Loan Arranger
8. As The Worm Turns, part two
9. American University spot
10. "Charles"
11. Betty Crockett (with Steve Lawrence)
12. Rambler spot
13. As the Worm Turns, part three
14. Miss Janitor
15. Round Table of Knowledge
16. American University spot
17. As The Worm Turns, part four
18. The Unmentionables
19. WWVO
20. As The Worm Turns, part five
21. Sing Along with Mitch
22. End Theme

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