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Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop

Eddie Leonard's sign in Forrestville A frequently-heard sponsor on the Joy Boys show was the Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops. We've received several emails from visitors inquiring about Eddie Leonard's, and in particular, wanting to hear the famous Eddie Leonard jingle. One of those visitors was Jim Reeves, who writes: I have been trying to think of that jingle (realistically) for about the last year. Why? Don't know??!! Would you believe there is still an Eddie Leonard's sign above what is now a Chinese restaurant in Forrestville?

a former Eddie Leonard's shop So we sent Jim on a mission... to take several pictures of the sign and the now-defunct Eddie Leonard's. Click on either of these pictures for a larger image. Chinese take-a-way and Laundromat!!?? The proprietors don't know who Eddie Leonard was. Sort of sad!!

Eddie Leonard in boxing trunks
And now for a completely unexpected bit of trivia: Marshall Shultz wrote to us that Eddie Leonard used to be a professional boxer! Marshall sent this picture with a note, Eddie Leonard AKA Bernard Simon was a boxer who had 24 professional bouts. He is an inductee of the Maryland Boxing Hall of Fame. On 8/15/51 he was the ring referee for the Joe Louis vs. Jimmy Bivens fight held in Baltimore, Joe Louis' last win before his defeat to Rocky Marciano. (Click the picture for a larger image.)

Here's the Eddie Leonard jingle, for Jim, Marshall, and all you other sandwich fans:

Eddie Leonard jingle (MP3 file, 316K)

And now, for the first time anywhere on the web, (what we think are) the complete Eddie Leonard jingle lyrics!

Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops, you should try 'em
For the very best in sandwiches, just buy 'em
No matter where you are, you'll find that you're not far
From an Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop.

Every sandwich will please, fifteen varieties
Open late every night, you'll enjoy a taste delight
Pick some up, take 'em home, once you do you'll never roam
From an Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop.

So take that short drive, for a long, large measure
Of sandwich, and pizza pleasure
At an Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop
You're never far from an Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop.

(Got any more Eddie Leonard stories or pictures? Let us know!)

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