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Joy Boys Reunion - September 2012

Ed and Willard reunited as the Joy Boys this fall, at Ingleside at King Farm, a Rockville retirement community. They took the stage and told stories to a packed house.

Ed and Willard at King Farm

Though the session was open only to residents, the auditorium was so full that some fans had to be content with listening to loudspeakers in an adjoining room.

Ed and Willard in a packed house

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Ed's door in the RHS Museum To illustrate how his characters entered and exited the scene, Ed had borrowed his famous "Joy Boys door" from its permanent home at the Radio History Society's Radio-TV Museum in Bowie, Maryland.

Click here (MP3 file, 154K) to hear Ed describing how the door allowed his characters to enter and exit the studio.

And a round of applause at the end!

Ed and Willard at King Farm

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