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At our July meeting, Virginia Vass - an actress from radio's golden age - spoke about her acting days of old time radio.

Virginia now is 94 years old and still performing. In fact, we had to find a month when she was free from her acting engagements to be able to attend our meeting. Virginia had a lot to say about acting and radio.

She got started in radio in 1932 with her siblings, the Vass family, on the Madge Tucker kids' program in New York City. They later got their own 15 minute show, "The Vass Family" in 1933 on the NBC Red network. In the late 30s in Chicago they were on "National Barn Dance" and "Don McNeil's Breakfast Club" as well as "Glamor Manor."

She also appeared on a few soap operas including "John's Other Wife" and in 1946 she replaced Adele Ronson as the voice of Wilma on "Buck Rogers." She has never given up show business and this summer was in a community theatre production at her retired living center.

Click any photo for a larger image. In addition to the photos below, we have a video clip which you can watch here.

Virginia Vass, with Jack French...

and Chuck Langdon.

They're joined by Virginia's son,
Peter Scott.

MWOTRC President, Edgar Farr Russell III,
completes the group photo.