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Contents of disc #JB123:

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Is Bryson Rash? album cover This album was produced in 1963, on the occasion of WRC newsman Bryson Rash's election as president of the National Press Club. Read more about the album here.

1. Intro (David Brinkley)
2. Buster Brown; Betty Grable; piano sales MP3 file, 453K
3. Radio announcing; law school
4. Political conventions; bomb test
5. Tail Wagger's Club; home life MP3 file, 257K
6. Richard Harkness; Sarah McLendon; Patty Kavin
7. Robert McCormick
8. Contemporary politics; J. F. Kennedy
9. Bryson Rash responds MP3 file, 114K
10. Press Club officers
11. Board of Governors
12. Stand on this record

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