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Contents of disc #JB125:

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In this tape from October 31 1987, Ed Walker interviews
Willard Scott. Willard was on a book tour after the
release of his book, "America Is My Neighborhood."
(Tape contributed by Dave Martin.)

1. Willard's book tour
2. Blue and Red networks; WJZ
3. Nervous breakdown
4. Willard the weatherman gets his start
5. Warm weather and a cruise
6. Callers; book publisher stories
7. Sing the theme; seagull does a nasty
8. Various engineers; other Joy Boys
9. Dirty Radio; interviews; Arthur Godfrey
10. Callers

Other short bits:

11. Ed Walker tells the "Turkey Story" (11/1/87) MP3 file, 126K
12. Leisure World spot with Joy Boys theme (1987 or '88)
13. Bloopers from Ed Walker and Bruce Allen, including one from Baltimore Benny (1986) MP3 file, 191K

These three tracks are from a WRC radio 65th anniversary
special. They include Willard Scott, Ed Walker, John
Hickman and Bruce Allen. (August 1, 1988)

14. Intro; 65th anniversary
15. Willard and Ed
16. Grandma Worthington's Antique Shoppe and Bookie Joint

And finally, a sound clip from April 1975: Ed Walker's
"AM Washington" TV program, with guest star Arthur Godfrey
and co-host Ruth Hudgins.

17. AM Washington with Ed Walker and Arthur Godfrey MP3 file, 549K

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