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Contents of disc #JB308:

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These tracks from the master tape of the Joy Boys theme song
show how the harmonies were built up a piece at a time.
Ed Walker sings all parts.

1. Billboard March music alone MP3 file, 69K
2. Music plus two vocal parts MP3 file, 70K
3. Music plus four vocal parts MP3 file, 68K
4. Music plus four vocal parts plus Donald "Smokey" Stover's "tuba" effects MP3 file, 68K

These tracks are from Ed Walker's show, Time For Music, circa 1957.
5. Time For Music, part 1
6. Time For Music, part 2
7. Time For Music, part 3
8. Time For Music, part 4
9. Time For Music, part 5
10. Time For Music, part 6

11. Sound effects and vocal tracks, probably for use in a skit called
"Who Knocks at the Master's Door."

These tapes were contributed by Mark Aceto. His father Louis Aceto
(shown below) was an engineer at WRC radio and TV.

Louis Aceto at the WRC news desk

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