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Contents of disc #JB309:

You can listen to this disc on Youtube.

CDs JB309 and JB310 came to us via the estate of Manfred Max "Fred" Palm, a resident of the DC area who recorded these shows on reel-to-reel tapes.

1. Stereo promo for various WRC shows (listen to the promo on our video page)

These tracks are from a tape marked "Joy Boys aircheck 2/23/68."

2. Whitey Miller Buick spot
3. Bryson Rash news; Ourisman Chevrolet spot
4. Arthur Godfrey music
5. Cannon's Steak House; WRC Daybook PSA
6. New York Hilton; music
7. Consumer's Supervalue Supermarket
8. WWPU (Martha Miller's Gastronomic Thillers)
9. Music
10. Theme

These tracks are from a tape marked "Ed Walker's Birthday, 4/23/69." Ed would have been 37 years old. Comedian and musician Mark Russell was a regular visitor to the Joy Boys studio, and he stopped by that day.

11. Ed's birthday, part 1 - Moon Palace delivers Chinese food; Old Stein
12. Ed's birthday, part 2 - Central Charge-a-card; Dyer Brothers Paint
13. Ed's birthday, part 3 - thanks to Mark Russell; Don Pedro Mexican restaurant

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