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Video Clips

It used to be all about audio! Now the world is all about video, so here are some video clips of the Joy Boys. We thank Tom Buckley, Dave Statter, Bob Bell, and other collectors for making these clips available.

You can click over to our YouTube channel to see these and many more videos.

Here are the Joy Boys in a rare stereo recording, a promo for all of the shows on WRC at that time. It's in "ping-pong" stereo (extreme separation) so be sure both your speakers are working. The promo mentions Al Ross, Bob Kelly, Betty Groebli, Mac McGarry, Stan Karas, and of course the Joy Boys own show.

Here is a portion of the last Joy Boys show on WRC radio. It aired October 6, 1972. Competing television station WTOP sent Gordon Peterson to cover the event. This clip is part of the final show, and we have the entire show (audio) available on our YouTube channel.

Years later, the Joy Boys reunited on WMAL radio.

Ed Walker was the co-host on a morning TV show, AM Wahington, on WJLA-TV channel 7. Here is a promo.

And here are three early Ronald McDonald commercials, with Willard Scott as Ronald, and Ed Walker doing the voiceover.

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