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Ronald McDonald spot #2

Here's the second of our three Ronald McDonald TV spots from 1963. Willard Scott stars as Ronald McDonald, and Joy Boys partner Ed Walker does the voice-over.

Click here (MP3 file, 179K) to play the audio track as you follow along with the storyboard below.

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Ed: Hey, look who's skating! It's Ronald McDonald, the hamburger-happy clown! Here he comes! (Ronald trips and falls. His hamburger flies up into the air.) There he goes! (Young boy catches Ronald's hamburger and takes a bite.)
Willard: Hi! Isn't that McDonald's hamburger delicious?

Kid: Mom told me never to talk to strangers.

Willard: Well, your mother's right, as always, but I'm Ronald McDonald. Give me a McDonald's shake! (Shakes the kid's hand; horn honks)

Kid: Well, you sound like Ronald...
Willard: Here, I'll prove it! I'll give you three more hamburgers! As Ronald takes each hamburger off the tray, another one magically appears to take its place.)
Willard: I know, you're not supposed to accept gifts from strangers either.

Kid: But you're no stranger, you really are Ronald McDonald!

Music and singing, while Ronald dances: "He's Ronald McDonald, the hamburger-happy clown, a McDonald's drive-in restaurant is his favorite place in town."

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