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Ronald McDonald spot #3

Here's the last of our three Ronald McDonald TV spots from 1963, starring Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald, with Ed Walker as the announcer.

Click here (MP3 file, 183K) to play the audio track as you follow along with the storyboard below.

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Ed: 2... 1... 0... blast off! And there goes America's moon rocket! But wait - what's that on the rocket? Oh, no! Ronald McDonald! What are you doing there?
Willard: I'm just taking a little ride, proving that McDonald's hamburgers are really out of this world! Ha ha! Might just make it to the moon in record time, too!

Ed: How's that, Ronald?

Willard: Well, first we've got liquid fuel that's the best ever - McDonald's creamy thick milk shakes. For solid fuel, we've got McDonald's delicious all-beef hamburgers and tender flakey Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. This rocket likes 'em almost as much as you boys and girls do! And, in the auxiliary bag, McDonald's crisp golden french fries.
Willard: What'd I tell you? We're here on the moon already!

Ed: Is that a McDonald's drive-in there on the moon?

Willard: Of course! How else could we refuel for the ride home?

Music and singing, while Ronald dances: "He's Ronald McDonald, the hamburger-happy clown, a McDonald's drive-in restaurant is his favorite place in town."

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